Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Adventures of Larry and Hello Kitty

Since the pictures of Hello Kitty were such a hit, I thought I would introduce both she and Larry to you. Hello Kitty was adopted from Cat Welfare in 2003. She was almost a year old and they had named her Angel. During her stay there she became very ill and I had to wait a few weeks to see if she would make it, which she did. Since adopting her, she has had allergy tests/shots and last year began having seizures (the million dollar kitty). After months of trial and error, she is now on phenobarbital and doing well. Very lovable and small, only about 8#. Her favorite activity is sleeping on my lap while I knit.

Larry was adopted from the Capitol Area Humane Society in 1994, yes, he celebrated his 14th birthday this year. He was only 6 weeks old, and his shelter name was Ringo (someone found 4 kittens and they named them after the Beatles). He had a illness free life until 2004, when he got very sick. After a 10 day hospital stay, where he was split from stem to stern, he was diagnosed with IBD. He is now on a prescription food, which he eats, but hates, and meows quite a bit. At times he can really be a pain in the ass, just the old man thing I think. He redeems himself every night by sleeping on my head, I take that as a sign of affection, but he is a cat, so who knows.

Anyway, that is a bit about the two kitties, I will profile Bunnie the Dog another day. I also am using this post as a test. I am trying to figure out how to insert a video, so here goes. I took this with my camera, and am not the best videographer. Hello Kitty snores quite a bit, which irritates Larry, as you will see (and hear). Enjoy!

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Foodycat said...

Beautiful fluffy kitty!