Monday, March 31, 2008

Tropical Key Lime Grilled Shrimp with Cucumber Mango Salsa and Coconut Infused Rice

Whew! The name says it all. I am entering this recipe in the Foodie Blog Roll "Royal Foodie Joust" for April. I am just getting in under the wire, but had to wait for a good food shopping road trip to get the ingredients. I really had fun coming up with this recipe! I think my inspiration, other than the fact that I had to use the 3 joust ingredients(something from the sea, lemon or lime and coconut) came from the fact that I am sooo yearning for warmer weather. This meal, at least, gave us a taste of the great weather to come. As always, I would love any and all feedback. Here goes:

Tropical Key Lime Grilled Shrimp with Cucumber Mango Salsa and Coconut Infused Rice

serves 4

1 lb. raw shrimp, cleaned and peeled, tails intact (I used brown 16/25)

1 cup brown jasmine rice
3 cups water
1 lemon wedge
about 1" peeled fresh ginger
2 TB sweetened coconut flakes

4 TB fresh orange juice
zest of 4 key limes (about 2 TB)
juice of 8 key limes (about 4 TB)
2 TB honey
2-4 garlic cloves, finely minced
1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper
pinch salt

1 cup diced mango (about 1 large)
3/4 cup diced seedless cucumber, peel if you want
zest of 2 key limes (about 1 TB)
juice of 4 key limes (about 2 TB)
2 TB. finely chopped cilantro
1 TB finely chopped green onion
1/4 cup quartered baby sweet tomatoes
pinch of salt and pepper
pinch of crushed red pepper

I used my rice cooker to prepare the rice. Give the bottom of the insert a quick spray with oil. Then add the rice, which has been rinsed, and the water. Put the lemon, ginger and coconut in a cheesecloth square, tie with kitchen twine and add the the pot.

While the rice cooks, prepare the rest of the dish.

Combine all the marinade ingredients in a small bowl and then add shrimp, just before skewering. They should only sit in the marinade about 15 minutes or so. Anymore and I think they get mushy. I threaded mine on wooden skewers which had been soaked for at least 30 minutes, beginning with a key lime half and ending with a key lime half. Place on a hot grill until pink and opaque.

Combine all the salsa ingredients together and let them sit while finishing the dish.

This dish, although simple in presentation, has many complex flavors which I feel compliment each other every well (of course I am a bit biased!). The rice picks up just enough sweetness from the coconut infusion to set off the bit of heat in the salsa. We enjoyed this with a light Fume Blanc.

Wish me luck,



Nina's Kitchen (Nina Timm) said...

What a lovely meal. Beautiful pic too!

Bellini Valli said...

This is a perfect entry for the Joust Kimi...who knows you might be getting your apron in the amil this month:D...GOOD LUCK:D

Anonymous said...

very nice pictures. The food press is very cool.

Ben said...

I agree with Val, this is perfect for the Joust. I love the looks of that cucumber mango salsa. I can wait to go out and buy me some mangoes now :-p

Good luck!

Judy @ No Fear Entertaining said...

great entry for the Joust! Pictures look great!

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

This looks great! The presentation is beautiful and all the flavors and textures go really well together! Best of luck!

Aaron K said...

This is a wonderful dish, good luck in the Joust! -Aaron

Kimi said...

Wow, thanks for all of the great comments and for visiting my blog!

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Your presentation is beautiful!

kittie said...

Hey Kimi - gorgeous post - and I love your pics too :)

Maggie said...

This looks great! I love that you used the coconut in the rice. I really want to make it.

Jerry said...

Sounds yummy!