Monday, March 31, 2008

Thought I would update..

all you readers on our terrific "foodie Sunday"! We started out by hitting Trader Joe's first. Wow, the people watching and 10cent wine tasting makes it worth the trip (about a 40 minute drive). I was able to pick up some great goat cheese, prosciutto to wrap all the wonderful spring asparagus ( I know, not vegetarian, thus the flexitarianism), a bottle of kosher flake salt (would love comments on what you all have used it for), nice frozen fish, and of course a few bottles of vino! We sampled a nice bottle of Castelli Romani, red Italian table wine, and for $4.99, grabbed a few to go!

So, back to people watching. At the "wine tasting" table, we encountered this very interesting, Abe Lincoln, rockabilly-like older guy. What a trip! I wish I had a camera phone, but I am not that up to date yet. His hair and beard were perfectly dyed black, black square shades, polyester pants on long, stick thin legs and great pointy toed black shoe boots. He was really working the wine guy. We couldn't stop staring. During checkout, we found out that he is quite the regular.

Speaking of check out, thanks to Stephan, our excellent cashier and city steward. He turned us on to this great place where we went for lunch. It is on Coventry Rd. in Cleveland , Tommy's , you must check out the site and go there if you get a chance. Loads of vegan and vegetarian items on the menu. I had the MR3 and Bill had the Mary Lynne, great spinach pies filled with goodness! After checking out a few of the hippiesque stores on the street, we were off to Whole Foods.

Ahhh, Whole Foods. When I enter the produce department I swear I hear the angelic, soprano chorus one hears when encountering nirvana. High prices be damned, what a beautiful, and beautifully displayed selection of antioxidant abundance! Be sure I filled my basket. I would be hard pressed to find hydroponic watercress at the local Meijer's. The nice crack dealer, I mean cheese man, was kind enough to let me sample the $22.99/lb. Fleur Verte Goat Cheese, of which I did take 1/4lb. Creamy, smooth cheese from goats fed a floral diet, including lavender, the taste of which really came out in the finish of the cheese, the chevre is coated in tarragon and pink peppercorns for an herbaceous treatment. It made for a fantastic light dinner. With fresh herbs, cheese and assorted other goodies, we packed it up and headed for home.

I had every intention of putting together the grilled shrimp recipe, which I will hopefully be putting together tonight so that I may enter it in the Royal Food Joust competition. But, I was tired and unmotivated to experiment. Instead, we had a yummy dinner of roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, the fleur verte with crackers, smoked salmon with cucumber and yogurt on crackers, grapes and oranges. Oh, and of course a glass of vino! What a divine Sunday!


Anonymous said...

Will you adopt me? Your blog is wonderful and the food presentation is beautiful. Remember, I just live up the street and around the corner!!

Kimi said...

I know who you are, sure!