Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spinach Salad in a Parmesan Frico Cup

On to the next course, courtesy of the Food Network . I made the Frico Cups a few hours in advance. Lots of trial and error on this one, not as easy as it looked on the show. First, do not use cheese grated with a microplane, bad results. I found it best when the cheese had been chunked and thrown in the food processor. I used about 1/3 cup of cheese so the cups would hold a little more salad. Making these I liken to pancakes, or even crepes (as my friend Vik pointed out). The first batch will usually be sacrificial. You need to obtain that sixth sense for when to pull them out of the oven, and how long to let them sit before releasing from the pan. I used a silpat, which I love, the first batch I let stay too long, and they became crunchy chips the minute they came out of the oven. The second batch (of 2), came out great. the cheese was pale golden and bubbly. I let them sit for maybe 15 seconds or so, just so I could slide the spatula underneath. They came off a bit drapey, and I immediately placed them on an overturned glass pyrex custard cup. When they were both neatly dispatched, I pinched them a bit to give them a more fluid look. After they had set up, I transferred them to paper towels to degrease a bit. The salad I followed to the letter, with the exception of the red onion which I omitted, due to the fact that neither of us are fans of raw onion. I had plenty of dressing left to be used later on this week .


Anonymous said...

What oven temperature and for how long on the frico cups? I had this recipe and lost it, now trying to find the directions again...love your photo!

Kimi said...

Yikes, can't remember. If you so to Giada's recipes on the Food Network you can check. That's where I found the info. Good luck, thank's for the compliment and for reading!