Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ode to a French Press

Okay, so you know how you have that gadget or piece of kitchen equipment that has been collecting dust? You see the same item at a garage sale or thrift store and think, "I have that, when was the last time I touched/saw it? Will I ever use it again? Maybe I should donate or sell mine?" I mean this is the time when living simply is "in".

Such is the case with my French Press. It has been moved to 4 different addresses since last used. It has sat, patiently waiting to be put back into service.

The brief history of my press. I purchased it about 8 years ago when I became a single gal through divorce. I had a cute little studio apartment with a small kitchen, including, as my friends dubbed it, the "barbie doll stove". Having limited space, and just making morning joe for myself, I purchased my press. It is the perfect hip, single gal kitchen accoutrement. I used my press every morning, religiously. Then, as luck would have it, I met my guy, we began cohabitation, purchased "the coffeemaker", and old pressy was retired.

This week, the Krups died. It was slow coming. First the water would appear on the countertop, then the off and on stopping of the brew cycle, the culmination, or last dying breath was when the other half walked in to discover a strange version of our kitchen being converted into a steam room. All we needed were the towels and slippers. I have spent the last two days researching a replacement on the internet. With the rising price of gas and the fact that calling a store, getting a live body on the other end and letting my "fingers do the walking" no longer is a choice, I turn to my trusty computer. I believe we will be out and about tonight or tomorrow to hunt down and purchase our prize.

The promise of a future, new maker did not answer the first question on my mind this a.m., when I awoke thinking, ugh, where will I get my coffee? Then I remembered pressy. I got him out, dusted him off, and began the preparation of the cup o' joe. For a great set of instructions on brewing the perfect cup, go to I found this site to be the most thorough explanation.

My cup of coffee was everything I hoped for. Rich, warm and smooth. I savoured every drop while watching Michael and Giada whip up some yummy grub, my version of Saturday morning cartoons. For one brief moment I was that hip, single gal (nice, but not as great as happy, spoken for gal).

So, to my faithful friend pressy, not to fear. You will never be that gadget that ends up at the Goodwill or yard sale table. I know when then need arises, you will be there.

For this I say, "Thank you, my friend".


Elle said...

I love my Pressy, too! I don't use him very often, but he was given to me by my father in law, who we lost last year, so it's even that much more special to me. He and I shared the love of a great cup of coffee.

Kimi said...

Elle: What a great memory. Thanks for sharing.

Clumbsy Cookie said...

I have one as well! But you know, I usually use mine for tea making!

toontz said...

That is how I feel about my Bunn coffee maker.

Deborah Dowd said...

No french press for me! I have a camping percolator for just such emergencies!

Corinne Martin said...

I love my french press...but only my boyfriend really can use it well, for some reason coffee is not my speciality :)

Blog Hendersonville said...

We love our press and use it for coffee and tea. There's something about putting together a morning or afternoon tray with a press, cups and a little snack on it.