Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Egg Salad for 2

Recently I came across a new product from Kraft, at least it's new to me, Mayo with Olive Oil. Now that the weather is getting warmer and the time has come to don lighter and less clothing, reduced fat anything sounds good. The problem with this stuff is that the lighter fat products have some funky tastes. The mayo was on sale, I like the way the ingredients read and also the fact that the product has a Sensible Solutions tag on it, signifying a healthy alternative to whole fat or even homemade (truly the best) mayo.

I tried it straight from the container (I also like the nice wide opening), and I have to say, it's not bad, in fact, surprisingly good! A little sweet and a little tangy. Now, what to use it with?

Egg Salad! Just in time for lunch with the other half. Here's the quick recipe.

3 hard cooked peeled eggs
2 radishes, I used easter egg
3 petite sweet pickles
3 tbls. mayo
a few sprigs of lemon thyme
s & p to taste
4 cups spring mix greens

Chop the eggs, finely dice the radishes and pickles. Toss in the mayo and thyme and, using a fork, toss and mash lightly at the same time. Season to taste, chill and serve atop greens.

I garnished the plates with a bit of flat leaf parsley and sliced campari tomatoes. The iced tea is Vanilla Rose Decaf by Celestial Seasonings, brewed with a bit of vanilla sugar added and then chilled.

If my calculations are correct, each serving is about 215 calories! Yea! And so yummy. Next week my little lettuce crop in the back will be ready for cutting, better stock up on eggs.

Important Note: Do yourself a favor and purchase the cage-free organic eggs. They are a bit pricey but taste better and every purchase is a vote and a step towards not supporting the awful commercial, gross egg farms. Better yet, find a local farm to buy from if you can!


Sarah said...

I just bought some of the olive oil mayo...sounded better than lite mayo! Your egg salad looks yummy!

Deborah said...

It's been too long since I've had egg salad. That sounds so good right now! I'll have to look for that olive oil mayo as well.

C.L. said...

Yum, I love egg salad. Yours looks particulary delicious :)

Kimi said...

sarah and deborah: let me know what you think of the mayo in this or any other recipe.
c.l.:thanks for the comment, I had no complaints on this lunch!

Corinne Martin said...

Hmmm that mayo sounds interesting! I bet it would be a great addition to a sandwich to add a little kick!

Also thanks for linking up my site!! I am excited!

Deborah Dowd said...

I never thought of adding radishes to egg salad, but it sounds great!

Dawn said...

Never tried it with these ingredients - but I want to now. Thanks for the new idea!